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Iom Active Feedback Hardware by Wild Divine

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The Wild Divine Iom Active Feedback Hardware

Use Your Iom with all Wild Divine software:

  • Return to the Sun Realm! 3D
  • Mind/Body Relaxing Rhythms
  • Mindfulness Academy
  • The Grapher: See raw data
  • "Zen Journey"
  • Conscious Food Court
  • Wild Divine Online.com
  • Train with the Masters:
  • Zen Master Nissim Amon
  • Dr. Andrew Weil
  • Dr. Dean Ornish
  • Nawang Khechog
  • Joan Borysenko
  • Stephen Cope
  • Sharon Salzberg

Windows System Requirements:
Compatible with XP/Vista/Win7/Win8
Mac OSX System Requirements:
Compatible with OSX: 10.6+

What Does the Wild Divine Do for You?

Every day, you use a mouse, keyboard, or joystick to control what happens on your computer screen. Now, imagine being able to use your thoughts, emotions, levels of muscle tension, relaxation, and meditative states to control what happens on your computer screen. That is the magic of the Wild Divine Iom. Using Wild Divine's software, you learn to control your mind, banish the toxic effects of stress, train yourself to relax, let go, and stop being "stressed out" or constantly anxious.

And not only do you acquire essential skills to improve concentration, focus, mental sharpness and "calm on demand", Wild Divine is just FUN! You'll come back to it over and over again. Instead of spending thousands on gurus, seminars, and training, bring everything you need home with you with Wild Divine. Buy your Iom today and start unlocking the secrets your mind and body want you to learn. Mac or PC.

iom-hand.jpgWhat is the Iom?

The basics of Wild Divine

Technically, The Wild Divine Iom is a patented scientific instrument that functions as an alternative input device. In practical terms, it acts similar to your mouse, keyboard, or joystick as the connection between you and your computer. As a simple example, lets say something on the screen requires you to move your mouse left. In Wild Divine, you might have to relax your muscles and calm down to move left on the screen. The Iom makes that possible. It picks up your body's extremely subtle signals of emotion, stress, calmness, tension, happiness, and lets you progress based on your ability to control yourself. Included guides and mentors teach you skills you can instantly apply, and instantly see the results.

You receive instant feedback on changes in your thoughts, emotions, breathing, posture, and levels of calm or stress. The Iom is very simple to use, it plugs into any standard USB port on Mac or PC computers, and interfaces with Wild Divine software to give you an interactive experience like no other.



Wild Divine's Guides and Experts

Wild Divine works with many leaders in the areas of wellness and mind/body training. Drs. Andrew Weil and Dean Ornish are featured in our Relaxing Rhythms program. The teachings of Zen Master Nissim Amon are the core of our Zen Journey with Master Nissim Amon title.

Dr. Dean Ornish, founder of the Preventative Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, and Dr. Andrew Weil, Harvard trained and expert in Mind/Body wellness are prominently featured in Wild Divine programs. Other featured experts include Tibetan monk and musician Nawang Khechog, Stephen Cope, Joan Borysenko, and Sharon Salzberg.

Click Here to learn more about Wild Divine's experts

grapher-laptop.jpgThe Science behind Wild Divine

Dr. Bob Whitehouse is a psychologist certified in biofeedback, and former board member for the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.

"Active Feedback uses electronic equipment to monitor internal physiological states and gives feedback that helps the recipient learn how to control these states; to activate, balance, release or to recover from them. Usually this also involves a coach, who guides the process, interprets the results, and makes suggestions. In Wild Divine programs however, the guide/coach is included in the game, and the game itself gives you personalized information about your progress."

Wild Divine measures a player's Skin Conductance Level (SCL) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Increased SCL indicates increased autonomic nervous system activation, which is associated with increased energy-both positive, like excitement, and negative, like fear. Read more about the science behind Wild Divine here.



The Wild Divine Programs

With a Wild Divine Iom, you are able to access the library of Wild Divine's software titles. Our best seller is the Ultimate Bundle Pack, which includes everything Wild Divine. Own it all!

Return to The Sun Realm: World of Wild Divine, completely re-mastered and re-imagined, in 3D.
The Grapher: Stand alone graphing program showing your body's signals.
Relaxing Rhythms: 15-Step program featuring leaders in mind/body wellness.
Zen Journey: Zen Training with Zen Master Nissim Amon
Mindfulness Academy: 6-Steps to Balanced Living. Easily accessible, everyday Mindfulness Skills.
Conscious Food Court: Unique, fun, & effective: Learn to thrive in stressful situations.
Wild Divine Online.com: Virtual World with Feedback exercises, group meditation and much more.

wdo.jpgWild Divine Online

Well over 80,000 people have experienced Wild Divine, all over the globe. The Wild Divine Community is strong and vibrant, and now there is an online world to interact with others, access active feedback programs, and measure your progress. This place is called WildDivineOnline.com, and is here now. Visit now or sign up for our newsetter for more information.






What do others say?

"In my opinion, the best program for working at home on relaxation and self-regulation skills (so-called peripheral feedback, as opposed to brainwave feedback) is the Relaxing Rhythms program from www.wilddivine.com. It combines both Heart Rate Variability and GSR activation monitoring with many top-notch self-regulation exercises"

Thomas M. Brod, MD Distinguished Fellow, APA
Sr. Fellow, Biofeedback Certification Inst. of America
Assoc. Clinical Professor, Psychiatry, UCLA

Click here to access a .pdf with almost 1,000 testimonials from Wild Divine users. Our customers say it better than we ever could! Wild Divine products come with a no-hassle 30-day money back guarantee. Our customer service and technical support is 100% USA based. If you need to reach us, we’re available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm PST at 866-594-9453.