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Educational Meditation

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Educational Meditation
Requires Iom or Lightstone Hardware

  • Create your own quizzes / tests
  • Change emotional states to win
  • Easily create custom content
  • Learn to calm on demand
  • Game format kids love
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Breaks negative patterns
  • Infinitely replayable
  • 100% customizeable
  • Teaches self-control

Educational Meditation: Learn Through the Mind-Body Connection, is a groundbreaking learning tool for all students.

Educational Meditation is a virtual experience that delivers real-life benefits: Focus, Clarity, Patience, and Improved Self-Control.

Whether you are a teacher or parent, Educational Meditation makes learning fun.

It's the first tool of its kind to teach the practice of meditation in an academic setting so powerfully, easily and enjoyably—and on the student's terms. The Wild Divine team designed Educational Meditation to help students benefit in two ways: focusing on the empowering aspect of the learning process; and overcoming feelings of anxiety and trepidation about tests and performance measurement.

Our Current Users Love Educational Meditation:

  • 3 out of 4 are actively using this program with their students NOW!
  • 87.5% also said they would recommend this Educational Meditation program to others

Educational Meditation helps you help your student or child learn, perform, and build a lifelong skill.

"I work with a variety of students who all face a variety of distractions in their lives.As an educator I am faced with the challenge of how to break through these distractions in order to help them achieve their educational goals. Wild Divine is proving to be an important part of our experience in learning and practicing mindfulness. The students enjoy using it and are demonstrating an increase in their abilities to be in the moment and to be available for learning."

Victoria Swanson Woodstock, Vermont

Brilliant! I have used it with children of all ages and myself and have seen some brilliant results of children learning stress management techniques in a really fun way. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. You cannot put a price on your well being and Journey to the Wild Divine is certainly value for the money.

Tina Hesse, United Kingdom

My goal in using Wild Divine is to gain feedback and see results from learning different breathing and meditation techniques. The feedback helps to accomplish these goals by immediately showing when you achieve the proper technique. I use it to train myself to control my biological rhythms to calm and soothe through breathing and meditation techniques to combat performance anxiety. I can then teach my piano students these techniques to help them create relaxation and meditation skills to benefit them for a more comfortable relaxed performance as well.
Sharla Van Cleave, NCTM

I used it successfully with children to improve relaxation, concentration, and focus.They learned how to achieve outcomes and how to be in touch with their inner states

Isabel Aguilar Montevideo, Uruguay

We have made Wild Divine available to students in our campus health center. The students who use it really love it. It's a unique product that allows them to explore relaxation and stress reduction techniques for the first time in their lives.

Linda Lasalle, University Park, Pennsylvania

Education Meditation assisted my students in learning to control their anxiety and stress levels while answering questions. The level of anxiety in students who had an admitted test anxiety was visible in the test. However, with practice, easy questions to start, and learning to breathe, the students were able to increase their accuracy and decrease anxiety levels. Education Meditation is a fun tool for learning and both helps you to gain a better self-control.

Claudius Nagel, mind-shop.de

For children with test anxiety this is a good alternate. It enhances test preparation.
Donna Nulton Administrator/Teacher at For Your Future, a school for persons with learning challenges

Its a unique and fun way to get kids to focus and answer questions with less stress.

Lori Lust, Former teacher uses as home schooling projects with her children and neighbors' kids

This program makes learning fun while helping to create a mind-body connection. Hands on learning!

Susan Dowell, CADC II Adapt

I got Wild Divine when my children were young. I wanted them to have the benefit of practicing mindfulness, but knew that it had to be in a format that was fun and engaging. For them, Wild Divine was just another computer game and they loved it! Now that they are older, they still love it. Along the way, they have also come to see the benefits that it brings to their lives—a greater sense of ease and calmness, more joy and laughter, the ability to drop the stresses of the day and/or to gain a different perspective on them. Wild Divine is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give to their children!

Carrie Pratt Pretoria, South Africa


Educational Meditation: Learn Through the Mind-Body Connection helps students overcome anxieties and learn self-reliance They become more centered and less self-centered.

  • A Healthy Mind-Body Connection
  • Breathing to invite calm
  • Visualization to foster memorization
  • Acceptance of and control over stressors

Here are the one-of-a-kind features you'll enjoy with Educational Meditation

  • Compatible with any curriculum
  • A customizable quiz component that sharpens testing skills
  • Variety of academic topics
  • Can be used on any laptop or desktop – you access it through a browser
  • Instant feedback on focus and energy levels
  • Information about the student’s progress
  • Easy and practical immersion into meditation practice
  • Always available online

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